Massage Therapy

At Renew our health care professionals recognize the value and responsibility of working in cooperation with other health care practitioners, like massage therapists, when in the best interest of the patient and their recovery or treatment program.  Whether you schedule a massage simply for relaxation or it is recommended by one of our health care providers, it will provide your body with numerous health benefits.

The Integration of Massage into Your Treatment PlanMassage therapy provides patients with the bodywork they need to promote the healing process. Bodywork has overwhelming results for patients of all stress levels. Stress contributes to many illnesses and advances the aging progress. With massage you will be able to reduce your stress, renewing your health and longevity. • The benefits of massage therapy include:• Increased range of motion • Increased flexibility• Stress reduction• Relaxation • Improved circulation • Lessen depression and anxiety• Helps athletes with preparation or recovery from extreme workouts or training• Relieves migraine pain• Helps with post surgery scaring• Enhanced sleep quality

What Can I Expect During a Massage Therapy Session?For new patients, you will be asked to fill out a brief intake and history form and then have a brief consultation with your massage therapist so they can decide your expectations for your treatment plan. The massage therapist may speak with your doctor before your appointment if the massage therapy session was a referral.After your consultation the therapist will leave the room and give your proper time to disrobe and get comfortable completely under the top sheet on the massage table. The treatment room is a very tranquil, relaxing environment with light music and warmth.
During your massage you are always completely covered with only the body part receiving massage therapy exposed. You will be asked what pressure you prefer and then we promote total relaxation. The deeper relaxation you have the better the massage benefits so we invite you to completely release all worries and tension while maintaining deep but slow breathing. Make sure to keep hydrated after your massage to help toxins exit the body.

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<p>At Renew our massage therapists offer the highest degree of professionalism and are experienced with exceptional skill and technique.  Massage Therapy is commonly used as part of the physical therapy, chiropractic and medical treatment plans.  As such, massage is able to be billed through these respective providers.</p>